APRRES Industries maintains, renovates, rebuilds and modernizes your equipment.

These processes will enable your rolling stock, whether civilian or military, to remain operational for the job it is assigned.

As soon as you entrust us with your rolling stock, we commit ourselves to a global quality approach. This approach calls on all our skills.

Within our method office, our experts specialized in the fields of mechanics, hydraulics, electricity, automation, electronics, drawing and project management, have the task of defining how to solve the breakdown. After dismantling and expertise, they establish the technical means necessary for the repair, propose a solution based on their expertise and provide logistical support to the field teams. Aprres Industries’ design office has 3D mechanical and 2D electrical SOLIDWORKS licenses.


the answer to a drop in performance

Over the years, your machine becomes less efficient. APRRES Industrie identifies the component that weakens the machine, changes only the part in question, restores mechanical efficiency to the vehicle and extends its life.


for a rise in competence

It involves adding functionality to the machine that it did not have before. Often motivated by the user experience, this modification aims to improve the safety or technical performance of the rolling stock.

Maintenance and service…

take care of your equipment

Annual or regular maintenance is essential for the proper functioning of rolling stock, and is a guarantee of equipment durability and availability. APRRES Industries carries out technical inspections, compliance checks and manages the maintenance schedule for the civil and military equipment entrusted to it.


when nothing goes right!

Your machine has stopped working but you don’t want to or can’t replace it. It is therefore essential that it works again. APRRES Industries intervenes and, in an optimized time frame, dismantles, carries out a detailed expertise and gives its conclusions. The rebuilding allows to give a second life or potential to the machine, it also allows to keep an operational machine park.


We deploy our technical repair centers to be as close as possible to your needs.


Each of our technicians works hard to provide you with fast and targeted technical assistance.


Our repairers are trained to work on all kinds of civil and military rolling stock.

Manufacturers’ expertise

We co-develop partnerships with manufacturers to master their processes and provide a targeted and efficient technical response to the customer.


This know-how, coupled with regular training and experience in the field, enables us to increase our skills to ensure ever greater customer satisfaction.