Reengineering and Sourcing

When and why opt for re-engineering?

When a part no longer exists or a material is no longer approved, APRRES Industries’ methods office analyzes the technical possibilities of remanufacturing a part or replacing it with new materials. This is called obsolescence treatment or re-engineering.

It involves analyzing the need, studying the possibility of a new material, designing a new part by identifying the technical features and using the resources of suppliers before prototyping the solution. But before any implementation, APRRES Industries develops a phase called “qualification”. It allows the technicians of the method office to work with the customer. This co-development approach ensures that the new part will be the ideal substitute for the proper functioning of the equipment. Obsolescence concerns mechanical, electrical and hydraulic parts as well as their sub-assemblies (distributors, pumps, sensors, etc.)

Aprres Industries supplies

With a database of nearly 3,000 suppliers, we always have a solution. Whether your request is for a part to be manufactured, a material to be replaced or an engineering solution, our project managers activate their research. They consult suppliers, rely on a network of industrial partners and constantly update their databases to respond to your request as quickly and accurately as possible.

Step 1


- Inventory of the need
by the method office

Step 2


- Feasability of the project
- Redesign of the obsolete part

Step 3


- Prototyping in co-development with the customer
- Guarantee of a partner link

Step 6


- Manufacturing of the part

Step 5


- Installation in our workshops
or at the customer's site
- Non-rolling machines

Step 4


- Project-based
obsolescence management
- Testing

A claimed eco-attitude

APRRES Industries was founded in 2000 by manufacturers and institutions in the Roanne region who wanted to meet the needs of maintaining the operational readiness of rolling stock in the defense, public works, railway and quarry sectors, and above all to offer solutions to give a second life to equipment withdrawn from service (military, railway and other sectors).

The first site was created in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region in Mably near Roanne (42). Since then, APRRES Industries has always placed the requirement of performance, adaptability and reactivity at the heart of its priorities. Over the years, the range of services and parts offered has been extended to the Mining & Quarrying, Lifting & Handling, Construction, Sanitation, Energy and Transport sectors.

As part of its diversification project, in 2016, the company opened a second site in Le Coteau (42). The following year, in 2017, with the change of governance and status, APRRES Industries SAS moved to Saint-Vincent de Boisset (42). Patrick Gaya, appointed to the management of the company in 2018 continues this proactive approach. That same year, he opened a new APRRES Industries site in the Paris region, in Montataire (60), as close as possible to a major player in the construction industry.

APRRES  Industries
Maintenance of civil and military rolling stock. After-sales service for specific public works equipment, heavy goods vehicles, lifting and handling, spare parts, repairs.